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New | Now a Sensodyne® toothpaste that can actually repair sensitive teeth*

Do you avoid food and drinks that trigger tooth pain? With twice daily brushing, new Sensodyne Repair & Protect toothpaste is specifically designed to form a repairing layer over the sensitive areas of your teeth. With continued use, it relieves pain and stops it from coming back – so you can go back to enjoying the foods you love.

Forms a repairing layer over sensitive areas of the tooth | Proven tooth sensitivity relief* | Helps stop sensitivity from coming back* | Great minty taste and keeps breath fresh* | Contains fluoride for cavity protection

PLUS A NEW PRECISION TOOTHBRUSH DESIGNED ESPECIALLY FOR PEOPLE WITH SENSITIVE TEETH | Gentle cleaning in hard-to-reach areas | Specifically designed for people with sensitive teeth

Protect your enamel from acidic foods with NEW ProNamel® fluoride rinse and toothbrush.
*With twice daily brushing. ©GlaxoSmithKline. Read and follow label directions.